ANS has been providing Structured Cabling services to our customers since its inception as Telecommunications Analysis Group in 1991. We have always emphasized providing the best quality solution for each project we complete for each of our customers. Providing the system that will ultimately carry the entirety of your mission critical business information is not just pulling wire, it is a process that requires attention to detail and an emphasis on quality. Many network problems, such as packet loss, often originate in the physical layer.

Design and Build
Our BICSI trained and certified design and installation teams work with your project team (architects, engineers, general and sub-contractors) to ensure a design that is feasible and of high integrity. We make certain that your cabling system is in complete compliance with today’s industry standards while also being forward-looking enough to accommodate your network’s future demands.

Our quality is not only reflected in the aesthetics of how your wiring closet will look when the job is complete, but also in our labeling schemes, as-built plans, and detailed test reports, all of which make the use of the infrastructure system by your IT/voice team that much more efficient. If you have ever witnessed a frustrated IT professional hunting on a patch panel or out in the office space for a “lost” user port, you know exactly the value we mean.

Testing and Warranty
All of our installations carry with them our own 1-year warranty against product and workmanship defects. Additionally, we are certified in numerous cabling systems including; Panduit, Siemon, Belden/IBDN and Commscope among others. With our certified solutions you get additional manufacturer warranties up to 25 years. All installations are fully verified with industry-leading test equipment from Fluke Networks.
If you have any questions about ANS Structured Cabling and the full range of ANS services, please call 800.268.0937 or contact us.

ANS has the staff, tools and knowledge to handle:
• Category 5e, 6 and 6a (10G) Copper – Our team, tooling and techniques are up to date and compliant with the latest TIA/EIA and BICSI standards for copper cabling. ANS has proficiency in all aspects of the horizontal distribution system; work areas, pathways and telecommunications rooms (TR).
• Single-mode and Multi-mode Fiber – Our team has expertise installing, terminating, splicing, testing and troubleshooting single-mode and multi-mode (50μm, 62.5μm and Laser Optimized) fiber optic cables.
• Building Backbone – Complete multi-story plenum and non-plenum riser backbone systems, including applicable bonding, grounding and the routing of flex-duct and rigid conduit systems as needed for additional protection.
• Campus Backbone – Ducted, direct-bury and aerial placement of copper and fiber-optic backbone cabling in WAN, campus, residential and commercial development and municipal environments.
• CATV, Coaxial – Indoor and outdoor coaxial cabling for CCTV, CATV, camera and other audio-video applications.
• Firestopping – ANS is a certified Hilti firestop system vendor.

If you have any questions about ANS Structured Cabling Services and the full range of ANS services. Please call 800.268.0937 or contact us.

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