NYS Contract

ANS Advanced Network Services is proud to hold two contracts with New York State.

The first contract that is held by ANS with New York State is the Comprehensive Telecommunications Equipment and Solutions Contract.  This contract allows ANS to offer solutions to New York State Authorized Users in the following areas.

  • Network Cable and Fiber Optics – Statewide-
  • Network Infrastructure and Accessories – Statewide-
  • Network Test and Equipment – Statewide

Comprehensive Telecommunications Equipment and Solutions Page

Award Document

ANS has also been awarded a contract for the IT Services backdrop contract. Through this contract ANS can design, procure and install telecommunications and data cabling for New York State authorized users.

IT Services Contract Page

Award Document

If you have any questions about purchasing from ANS via the New York State Contract or the full range of ANS services, please call 800.268.0937 or contact us.