Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Installs, erects, maintains, repairs, removes, or retrofits towers and antenna systems (e.g. antennas, microwave dishes, feed lines, ice shields, etc.), sometimes under adverse conditions (e.g., high towers, inclement weather, remote sites, etc.) throughout the nation using safety equipment and hand, power, and specialty tools.
2. Transports heavy equipment and materials to work locations including remote areas to perform functions of the job using appropriate vehicles (e.g. 4-wheel drive vehicle, trailer, tractor, crane, fork lift, etc.).
3. Ensures that all company safety procedures are followed to include proper use of safety equipment.
4. Operates construction equipment (e.g. ditch witch, 4-wheel drive vehicles, hydraulic/electric winches, fork-lifts, etc.) to dig holes, inspect guy wire anchors, load/unload communications equipment and supplies, and install/remove communications equipment using safety equipment and clothing, and hand tools (e.g., hard hat, seat belt, etc.).
5. Fabricates tower hardware and accessories to maintain, repair, and retrofit towers and antenna systems in order to support communication system operation using fixed and portable power tools and equipment.
6. Responsible for maintaining all tools, vehicles and equipment normally assigned to this function.
7. Perform tower structure inspections.
8. Respond to trouble ticket issues for emergency maintenance work as required.
9. Prioritize work to maximize time efficiency.
10. Operates various construction equipment (e.g. truck cranes, backhoes, front loaders, etc.) to install towers and structures while adhering to OSHA safety rules and regulations.
11. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Tower Crew Leader.
12. Work as a part of a team, delegating tasks as required to complete the job.
13. Handles emergency needs from field for materials
14. Reviews and fixes all discrepancies
15. Accurately complete travel expense report and time sheets.

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to lift up to 35 pounds, climb tall structures, work outside in all types of weather conditions.

Qualification Requirements:

Valid driver’s license, CPR/First Aid, Comtrain Climber, Rescue Course or equivalent

High School Diploma or equivalent

To apply for this position, please submit your resume on the Careers page of the ANS website, along with your full name, contact information, and the job you are applying for.