Central Office

ANS Advanced Network Services provides full EF&I (Engineer, Furnish & Install) services for our telecommunications customers.  The company enables telecommunications companies to master any network equipment deployment challenge.  Our capabilities encompass all inside and outside communications environments from the central office to customer premises.

Quick Response
ANS has built itself around the ability to quickly and effectively respond to scheduled and unscheduled jobs.  We have built a reputation for meeting challenging deadlines, whether the project consists of a full Central Office build-out or is a small aspect of a larger project.  This ability comes from the unsurpassed technical and project management expertise that is present on the ANS staff and is augmented by ANS’ strategically located regional Warehousing and Staging Facilities.


  • Site Survey / Installation Planning
  • Engineering / Installation Specifications
  • OSP Design
  • Test & Turn-Up


  • Installation Materials
  • Frames & Racking
  • Electronics
  • Fiber & Cabling Products


  • 24/7 Service
  • Nationwide Resources
  • Equipment Installation
  • Equipment Removal

Commitment to Quality

The comprehensive skills, quality workmanship and quick turnaround have made ANS a favored provider of EF&I services to many of today’s leading telecommunications firms.

If you have any questions about ANS Central Office Services and the full range of ANS services, please call 800.268.0937 or contact us.